Working at QIC Global

An exciting place to develop and continue your career journey

A career at QIC Global

We believe in empowering our highly skilled team members through meaningful involvement and collaboration in delivering strategic and business objectives whilst providing exemplary services to our customers and business partners. Our unique organisational structure enables unparalleled sharing of information, knowledge and expertise.  QIC Global’s internal culture of excellence is driven by the provision of training and learning opportunities across all business areas of our international operations.  

QIC Global provide opportunities for professionals with a variety of experiences. We encourage diversity with over 300 team members in seven locations globally including: United Kingdom, Singapore, Bermuda, Qatar, Gibraltar, Switzerland and Malta.

Our people are the most important part of the business, integral to us completing key objectives.  We understand the significance of on-going self-development in attracting future leaders.

What we care about


Working with team members to establish high performance standards and provide balanced feedback at the most critical times

Collaboration & Flexibility

Able to balance own interests with others; shared contributions to company objectives; using flexible approaches, whilst working remotely or in the office


We encourage a diverse working environment and benefit from a mixture of skills and experience from our global office locations


Ability to share high level of knowledge with team members across core business functions as well as experiences and best practice


Ability to support your team and colleagues in achieving strategic objectives – we provide team members with the right tools for self-development through training

Resilience & Outlook

Confident under pressure and able to maintain a positive outlook and forward-thinking approach despite the circumstances
Current opportunities
Data Analyst
Power Platform Developer
Marine & Terrorism Assistant Underwriter